“All your organization needs in one place”

Introduction to Service:

  • “We know that running any education program, whether it’d be weekly classes or a summer school, takes a lot of work. Al-Munazzim provides you with the ability to organize your educational data in the way that suits your organization’s needs. Log your students information into one place and keep track of their academic records throughout the years.


Three main Functions with icons:

  • Students enrolment
  • Fee Collection
  • Students performance track


A list of the rest of the functions:

  1.       School Info
  • Incidence Reporting
  1.       Students Info
  2.       Teachers / Staff Info
  3.       Classes / Grade levels
  4.       Courses
  5.       Students enrolment
  6.       Fee Collection
  7.       Subjects
  8.       Session
  9.       Attendance
  10.       Timetable
  11.       School years/Sessions
  12.       School Holidays
  13.       Exam Schedule
  14.       Exam Marks
  15.   Reports cards preparation
  16.   Expense Management
  17.   Students behaviour track
  18.    Graphical and analytical reporting