Desert-pink Hue Mosque

The Putra Mosque serves as the primary religious edifice in Putrajaya, Malaysia. Its construction commenced in 1997 and concluded just two years later. Situated on the picturesque Putra Square, the mosque enjoys a tranquil setting adjacent to the man-made Putrajaya Lake.

This striking mosque, crowned with a distinctive pink dome, is crafted from rose-tinted granite and is organized into three principal functional sections: the prayer hall, the Sahn or courtyard, and various educational facilities and function rooms. Remarkably, the mosque has the capacity to accommodate up to 15,000 worshippers simultaneously.

The mosque’s 116-meter minaret draws inspiration from the design of Baghdad’s Sheikh Omar Mosque and stands as one of the region’s tallest. It comprises five tiers, symbolizing the Five Pillars of Islam. At its apex, a vast 36-meter diameter main dome graces the roof, encircled by eight smaller domes adorning the structure’s four corners. Notably, the design of the mosque’s basement walls is influenced by Morocco’s King Hassan Mosque, adding a touch of international architectural influence to this Malaysian marvel.