Prayer Times Plugin [Demo]

Experience unparalleled convenience and efficiency with Mosque Assistant, a comprehensive solution for managing and maintaining prayer times at your mosque. With this powerful tool, you can effortlessly maintain the Adhan and Iqāmah times for Friday prayers and the five daily prayers throughout the entire year.


Gone are the days of manual updates and constant adjustments. With Mosque Assistant, you can easily upload or update the Adhan and Iqāmah times, ensuring accuracy and reliability for your congregation. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to enter the name of the Imam and the topic of the sermon for Jumu’ah prayers, enhancing the overall experience and engagement during this significant congregational gathering.


Seamlessly integrating Mosque Assistant with your mosque or center’s website is a breeze. By using a simple API link, you can effortlessly display your Masjid’s prayer times, allowing visitors and members of the community to stay informed and plan their worship accordingly. The prayer times displayed on your website, mobile app and TV display will mirror the exact timings you have uploaded or updated in the Mosque Assistant system.


The benefits extend beyond the website, as Mosque Assistant ensures consistency across multiple platforms. Your mosque’s mobile app will also reflect the same prayer times, providing a convenient and accessible way for individuals to access the schedule while on the go. Additionally, the same prayer times will be prominently displayed on TV screens within your Masjid, offering a clear and visible reference for all worshippers.


With Mosque Assistant, you can streamline the management and dissemination of prayer times, guaranteeing accurate and synchronized information across various channels. Say goodbye to the complexities of manual updates and discrepancies in prayer schedules. Embrace the ease and unity that Mosque Assistant brings to your mosque community, empowering everyone to worship together with peace of mind and a shared sense of purpose.

Prayer Times Plugin will Display as Follows

Daily Prayer Calendar

Monthly Prayer Calendar