Feature Description BASIC ECO
All Inclusive
FREE $50+ per Month $200 per Month
Pay $25 per month for every additional 500 contacts
Max 50 Contacts 500 Contacts 500 Contacts
 • Mobile App It facilitates mosque’s attendees to stay in touch with selected mosque. Apart from daily and Friday prayers Iqāmah times, they get event notification, registration and ticket sale along with mosque’s announcements, online donation and pledges.
 • Education Management Organize student, teacher and course information while tracking students progress and creating reports.
 • Donation Management Collect and manage donors for all your activities while assigning  donations to different projects and easily accessing tax deductible receipts.
 • Volunteer Management Sign-up your volunteers, track their individual schedules and award certifications in one-go.
 • Iqāmah Times Management Customize prayer Iqāmah times for your mosque, which can be displayed on mosque website, mobile app and TV display screen.
 • Announcement Management To keep the community informed of the activities, events or important announcement. Send a quick message to the attendee through mobile app and website. Which is a fast channel to communicate the important dates like start of Ramadan, Eid day etc.
 • Employee Management Manage employee attendance, holidays and salary on a consistent basis with a fully synchronized process.
 • Importing Personal Data    Manual data is a time consuming process hence in order to facilitate the user we have provided an option to upload the data related to students, teachers, donors, members, employee and volunteers using csv file.
 • Campaigns Run a donation pledge campaign online through email letter, website, or mobile app, where donors pledge their donation for a cause/project or run a campaign to build communication database by registering contacts.
 • Box Donations Assist to count the cash/cheque collection and prepare the bank deposit slip with any currency denomination detail from donation, sadaqa, zakat, fitra or other collection boxes.
 • New Muslim (Convert/Revert)  Keep record, issue certificates and manage services to new Muslim (Convert/Revert)
 • Charity Management Disburse Zakat seamlessly by identifying whom is in need, entering in a request, approving it for funds to be given. Zakat Calculator for your website  No $15
per month
 • Facility Booking Make hall or multi-purpose meeting rooms available to individuals or groups to promote religious, educational, social and community activities.  No $15
per month
 • Lucky Draws Get people registered for lucky draw. Select the pool of contacts to draw a ticket for Umrah (عُمْرَة) etc. electronically live on projector screen.  No $15
per month
 • Communication Management Build lasting connections with donors and members through email campaigns and messages by synchronizing their email addresses with MailChimp etc.  No $20
per month
 • Event Management Define multiple sessions ticketed, registration or open event through the web app, and show on website, mobile app and at TV displays. Setup separate set of tickets with different quantities and prices. Ticket or registration is emailed with QR code.  No $20
per month
• Display Screen Digital solution to keep mosque attendees up-to-date on Friday and five time prayers  Iqāmah times and manage announcements and event messages to the community with different display templates.  No
per month
 • Pledge Management Prepare payment schedule, keep track and remind of scheduled payment. Forecast the donation      No
per month
 • Membership Management Communicate with your contacts while you build a membership database, create a perk system and keep track of fees at the click of a button.   No
per month
 • Dynamic Website Design of user friendly access with CM showing daily and Friday Adhan and Iqāmah times, announcements and events listing and detail. Adding pages related to about Masjid/history, governance, listing of management committee, contact us form, location map and driving direction, programs and services offered by Masjid. Donation module, Integration with MailChimp, volunteers sign up, facilities booking and student registration forms.  No
per month
 • Fundraiser Management *        
 • Kiosk Management *        
 • Financial Bookkeeping *        
* features are not yet released