Events Plugin [Demo]

The event functionality of Mosque Assistant is truly remarkable, offering extensive capabilities to manage a diverse range of events, including ticketed, registration-only, and open events. Utilizing the user-friendly web app, event organizers can effortlessly define and tailor their events to their preferences. The events are seamlessly showcased on their website, mobile app, and even on prominent TV displays at the center, ensuring maximum exposure and accessibility.

During event setup, organizers are granted exceptional flexibility to specify crucial details such as the precise start and end dates and times, as well as the commencement of registration or ticket sales. Furthermore, the ability to create multiple sessions for an event, whether they occur on the same day or span across different days, empowers organizers to accommodate diverse scheduling requirements. Each session can be customized with its unique session type, timings, and other relevant particulars, guaranteeing a comprehensive event experience.

The convenience extends to recurring events, as organizers can effortlessly define their recurrences, effectively eliminating the need to repetitively enter event details throughout the year. However, should adjustments be necessary, the option to duplicate events and modify timings ensures efficient event management.

For ticketed events, Mosque Assistant equips organizers with a wide array of ticket types, including regular, free, and special tickets, each with its specific quantities and prices. Attendees receive automated email confirmations or tickets, complete with QR codes that streamline the check-in process at the venue entrance. To maintain a controlled environment, ticket sales or registrations are automatically halted once the maximum quantity limit is reached. Nevertheless, organizers retain the flexibility to manually close event registration or cease ticket sales even before reaching the quantity limit, allowing for tailored event management.

To elevate event visibility and foster engagement, Mosque Assistant empowers organizers to generate QR codes, an invaluable tool for event posters. These QR codes provide direct access to the event detail page, where potential attendees can access comprehensive event information, seamlessly purchase tickets, or conveniently register to attend, ensuring a friction less event experience.

Events Plugin will display as follows;