Mobile App

The mobile app enables mosque attendees to maintain a strong connection with their chosen mosque. It provides a wealth of information, including daily and Friday prayer Iqāmah times, event notifications, registration and ticket sales, mosque announcements, online donations, and pledges.

Education Management

This feature streamlines the organization of student, teacher, and course data while also allowing for the tracking of student progress and the generation of comprehensive reports.

Donation Management

Efficiently collect and manage donations for all your activities, allocate donations to different projects, and effortlessly access tax-deductible receipts.

Volunteer Management

Simplify the process of recruiting and managing volunteers, including tracking their individual schedules and efficiently awarding certifications.

Iqāmah Times Management

Customize prayer Iqāmah times for your mosque, making them easily accessible on your mosque’s website, mobile app, and TV display screen.

Announcement Management

Keep your community informed about activities, events, and important announcements through this feature. Use it to swiftly communicate with attendees via the mobile app and website, particularly for conveying crucial dates like the start of Ramadan or Eid.

Employee Management

Streamline the efficient management of employee attendance, holidays, and salaries through a fully synchronized process.

Importing Personal Data

To save time and effort, you can conveniently upload data related to students, teachers, donors, members, employees, and volunteers using a CSV file.


Launch online donation pledge campaigns through email, websites, or mobile apps. Donors can pledge their support for various causes or projects, and you can also use campaigns to build a communication database by registering contacts.

Box Donations

This feature simplifies the process of counting cash and cheque collections while also preparing bank deposit slips that provide detailed information about currency denominations from donation, sadaqa, zakat, fitra, or other collection boxes.

New Muslim (Convert/Revert)

Effortlessly maintain records, issue certificates, and manage services for new Muslims (Convert/Revert).

Charity Management

Efficiently disburse Zakat by identifying those in need and submitting requests for approval. This feature also includes a Zakat Calculator for your website.

Facility Booking

Make hall or multi-purpose meeting rooms available to individuals or groups for a wide range of religious, educational, social, and community activities.

Lucky Draws

Engage participants in lucky draws, and electronically select winners for prizes like Umrah (عُمْرَة), all presented live on a projector screen.

Communication Management

Strengthen connections with donors and members through email campaigns and messages, seamlessly synchronizing their email addresses with services like MailChimp.

Event Management

Define multiple sessions for ticketed, registration, or open events via the web app. These events can be displayed on your website, mobile app, and TV displays. Customize the tickets or registration with different quantities and prices, and send them via email with QR codes.

Display Screen

Utilize this digital solution to keep mosque attendees well-informed about prayer Iqāmah times, announcements, and event messages. Customize the display templates to suit your community’s specific needs.

Pledge Management

Efficiently create payment schedules, monitor scheduled payments, and send reminders. This feature is also capable of helping you forecast donations.

Membership Management

Streamline communication with your contacts while constructing a membership database, creating a perks system, and effortlessly tracking membership fees.

Dynamic Website

Design a user-friendly website with content management capabilities. Display daily and Friday Adhan and Iqāmah times, announcements, and event listings. Incorporate pages relating to mosque history, governance, management committee listings, contact forms, location maps, programs and services, donation modules, integration with MailChimp, volunteers’ sign-up, facilities booking, and student registration forms.

Features not yet released;

• Fundraiser Management

• Kiosk Management

• Financial Bookkeeping