Education Management

Experience seamless and comprehensive Education Management with Mosque Assistant, tailored specifically for Sunday school and Quran recitation and memorization classes at your Islamic center. Our powerful platform allows you to efficiently organize and manage student, teacher, and course information, enabling you to monitor students’ progress and generate detailed reports.

With Mosque Assistant, student fee management becomes effortless through the Fee Assistant feature, ensuring transparent and efficient financial tracking. You can easily schedule student class timetables, plan examinations, and monitor attendance, fostering a structured learning environment that enhances the educational experience for both students and teachers.

Our system streamlines student admissions through online admission forms on your website, simplifying the registration process and ensuring a smooth onboarding experience for new students. Additionally, you can keep track of any school incidents involving students, facilitating effective resolution and ensuring a safe learning environment.

Mosque Assistant empowers you to create and manage multiple schools and school sessions, accommodating diverse educational programs and sessions under one centralized platform. Furthermore, you can maintain records of students’ siblings, facilitating better coordination and communication with their families.

By leveraging the Education Management features of Mosque Assistant, you can create a nurturing and efficient learning environment for your students, teachers, and the entire community. Streamline administrative tasks and focus on providing quality education that nurtures the spiritual and intellectual growth of your students. Together, let’s enrich the educational journey and foster a love for learning within your Islamic center.