Event Management

Effortlessly organize and manage a variety of events, whether they are held at the mosque, conducted online, or a combination of both, with the Event Management feature of Mosque Assistant. Our platform offers seamless registration options on your mosque’s website and mobile app, enabling attendees to easily book and reserve their spots.

Our versatile Event functionality is designed to cater to all types of events, from ticketed events to registration-only or open events. Define and set up events through the web app, and they will be automatically displayed on your website, mobile app, and even on TV displays within the center, ensuring broad visibility.

Define essential event details such as start and end dates, registration or ticket sale start times, and create multiple sessions for events occurring on the same or different days, with specific timings and other pertinent information. For events that occur periodically, our recurrence feature allows you to schedule the event for the entire year without repeating the event details. If needed, you can easily duplicate an event and adjust timings as required.

For ticketed events, enjoy the flexibility to define separate sets of tickets with various quantities and prices, such as regular, free, or special tickets. Automatic confirmation emails with QR codes are sent to attendees, which serve as their tickets for check-in at the venue entrance. Event registration or ticket sale will halt once the maximum quantity is reached, and you can also manually close registration before reaching the limit if needed.

Enhance event promotion and engagement with printed QR codes on posters, leading users to the event detail page where they can find more information, purchase tickets, or register for the event seamlessly.

With Mosque Assistant’s Event Management, you can efficiently handle event logistics and engage your community in memorable and enriching experiences. Simplify event planning, maximize attendance, and create lasting impressions with the power of our feature-rich platform. Together, let’s make your mosque’s events a resounding success, fostering a vibrant and connected community.