Iqāmah Times Management

Effortlessly customize prayer Iqāmah times for your mosque with the advanced Iqāmah Times Management feature of Mosque Assistant. Display these tailored timings on your mosque’s website, mobile app, and TV display screens in your center or masjid, ensuring that worshippers stay informed and connected.

With Mosque Assistant, you have the flexibility to upload your mosque’s five-time prayer timings for the entire year, providing a comprehensive and reliable schedule for your community. Additionally, you can easily set up Friday prayer timings or utilize our API to conveniently upload and update prayer timings as needed, ensuring accuracy and alignment with your mosque’s activities.

To accommodate specific requirements, our system allows for both manual adjustments and automated processes based on your preferred parameters. This versatility ensures that the Iqāmah times perfectly suit the needs and routines of your mosque’s congregation.

At Mosque Assistant, we strive to simplify and streamline the management of Iqāmah times, empowering your mosque to efficiently serve its worshippers and community members. Embrace the power of technology to enhance the prayer experience and foster a sense of unity and connection among your worshippers. Together, let’s create a harmonious environment that facilitates spiritual growth and strengthens the bond between your mosque and its congregation.