Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

In 1992, Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said of Oman initiated the construction of the Grand Mosque. A design competition was held in 1993, with Carillion Alawi LLC winning the building contract. Construction commenced in 1994 in Bausher and continued for approximately six years and seven months. The mosque is primarily constructed from stone, embellished with wood and glass elements. To complete this remarkable structure, approximately 300,000 tons of Indian sandstone were imported. The mosque boasts a central minaret, towering at 90 meters, along with four flanking minarets standing at 45.5 meters each, and a central dome that reaches a height of 50 meters above the floor. The mosque’s primary prayer hall, located centrally, draws both worshippers and tourists alike. It can comfortably accommodate over 6,500 worshippers, with a separate area designated for women and outdoor space, allowing for a total capacity of up to 20,000 worshippers. Situated on a sprawling site of 416,000 square meters, the mosque covers an expansive complex area spanning 40,000 square meters. The mosque’s grand inauguration took place on May 4, 2001, commemorating the 30th year of Sultan Qaboos’ reign.